Modmix Unveils Exciting New Server Network

Modmix Unveils Exciting New Server Network

We're thrilled to announce an exciting expansion at Modmix Studio! As part of our continuous effort to enhance your gaming experience, we are launching an all-new server network ( that promises to redefine your Minecraft adventures. This diverse network includes a combination of Survival, Towny, Lifesteal, and Modded Cobblemon servers, each designed to offer unique challenges and thrilling gameplay.

Survival Server: Back to Basics with a Twist

Our Survival server stays true to the classic Minecraft experience but with added enhancements that make gameplay even more engaging. Prepare to explore vast landscapes, gather resources, build shelters, and survive against the elements and creatures that lurk in the shadows. Whether you're a seasoned survivor or a newcomer, our Survival server offers the perfect balance of familiarity and innovation.

Towny Server: Build Your Dream Community

The Towny server is ideal for players who love community building and management. Join others to form towns, trade resources, and create a thriving community. Govern your town as you see fit, establish laws, and work together to expand your territories. It's a place where strategy meets creativity, providing an immersive civic experience.

Lifesteal Server: Where Every Heart Counts

For those who crave a more intense and competitive environment, our Lifesteal server offers a high-stakes survival mode where every player is your rival. In this thrilling twist, players can steal hearts from their opponents to gain extra lives. It's a test of skill, strategy, and survival where only the fittest will thrive.

Modded Cobblemon Server: A New World of Possibilities

Lastly, our Modded Cobblemon server blends the classic charm of Minecraft with the beloved elements of Pokémon. Capture, train, and battle with your Cobblemon creatures in a uniquely modded world. This server provides a refreshing and exciting new way to experience two of your favorite universes merged into one.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey!

We invite players of all interests and skill levels to join our new server network. Whether you’re looking to explore, build, compete, or just have fun, there’s something here for everyone. Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that each server offers a high-quality, stable, and engaging experience.

We invite you to dive into the new worlds created just for you, and become part of a growing community of Minecraft enthusiasts who share your passion.

Get ready to start your adventure with Modmix Studio’s new server network – your next great Minecraft journey begins here!